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Re: New Free Database Has _Everyone_ Listed

jared (
Sat, 18 Jun 2005 15:52:07 -0600

> The database is found at

Chasing a link for an address the following came up; interesting.

> Is Not Affiliated With ZabaSearch ATTENTION: You have
> redirected to this page because we have detected that you have come
> Although did not make this clear, when
> you clicked the Get Satellite Photo button you were transferred to our
> website.

> is not affiliated in any way with ZabaSearch, nor does it
> endorse it. We do not have access to any of the databases that ZabaSearch
> accesses on their site to display personal information on a person's name,
> so we cannot remove any of your information. As ZabaSearch says they pull
> the information for the searches from public domain databases, we have
> doubts if you can completely remove yourself. We have discovered that
> e-mailing will get you an automated response with
> removal instructions. You will have to decide for yourself based on the
> amount of information you have to give them if you follow through with
> their removal instructions.

> Although most of the data they use already existed out there, what
> ZabaSearch has done is bring it together in one location on the Internet
> for free, removing all the legwork someone would have to do in the past.
> Yes, we do feel that it brings up many, many privacy issues. Plus, their
> linking to existing mapping tools out there, like, has
> made it even more powerful.

> It appears that ZabaSearch modified their page on June 11th to link
> address searches into our address search tool and get a list of search
> results. This was done after the previous site they linked to requested
> them to stop. It is done quite transparently that many Internet users do
> not realize that they have gone to a different website. Because of the
> misdirected frustration from Internet users directed at us instead of
> ZabaSearch, we are currently working to get them to cease and desist using
> our logo and linking to our site. In the meantime, we have "broken" the
> method ZabaSearch was using to link to us so that address results are not
> seemlessly displayed and you are taken to this page instead.

>, Inc. is a reputable company headquartered in Raleigh,
> North Carolina. Our business is to sell custom selected aerial and
> satellite imagery and this imagery is browsable on our site at 8 meters
> and above for free and below that for subscribers. Now that you're here,
> please feel free to look through our website and do not hold us
> responsible to the methods used by

> Thank you,

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