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700-555-4141 Does Not Work

Ted Klugman (
Fri, 17 Jun 2005 19:41:39 -0400

Recently, my long distance carrier (TTI National, somehow a subsidary
of MCI) informed me that they're going to start charging a "monthly
fee" of $1.99. So I decided it was time to switch.

My new carrier's website instructs new users to call 700-555-4141 to
verify when the LD carrier has been changed. I hadn't dialed the
number in quite a while, so for kicks, I dialed it.

"We're sorry, your call can not be completed as dialed." This didn't
happen the last time I tried it (more than a year ago)

(Yes, I tried it with a "1" in front of the number)

So, any thoughts on how I can check who my LD carrier is?


[TELECOM Digest Editor's Note: It seems to work here, but in a sort
of half-baked way. Prairie Stream is at present getting their long
distance service through Qwest Communications. When I dialed
1-700-555-4141, a recording answered and said two things (but sort
of like one long sentence): "Thank you for using Qwest Communications,
your call cannot be completed as dialed" with the second part of that
being more emphasized than the first part. So it could be you did not
have the phone to your ear listeing _closely_ when the first two or
three words were stated. At least, that was my experience just now
trying it. PAT]

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