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Re: Schools Prohibit Personal E-mail Sites

Justin Time (
16 Jun 2005 06:19:13 -0700

> The Internet wouldn't be run by the "telephone company." It would be
> a very limited linkup between universities and defense contractors who
> could afford to pay for the $1000+ per month 256k high-speed lines
> needed. The rest of us would still be using the Source, Compuserve,
> and BIX over dialup, using special utilities to minimize toll call time.

> Michael D. Sullivan

But it wasn't until sometime around 1993 or '94 that the last Internet
BACKBONE segment was upgraded from 9600 baud to a T-1. I remember the
announcement, and I am certain the last segment upgraded was one of
the major labs in the far southwest (Arizona, NM, or even perhaps the
Livermore lab in Ca.) The government agency I was working at at that
particular time got its feed from Carnegie-Mellon and was shipped down
to our office in Washington on a 56K line. Of course back in those
days IP addresses were plentiful and we had an entire Class B to
subnet in our offices.

Rodgers Platt

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