TELECOM Digest OnLine - Sorted: Hackers Run Unauthorized Programs on PSP

Hackers Run Unauthorized Programs on PSP

Monty Solomon (
Wed, 15 Jun 2005 23:12:19 -0400

NEW YORK (AP) -- Gaming enthusiasts have figured out how to run
unauthorized programs and games on the U.S. version of Sony Corp.'s
new handheld game console.

Like its rivals, Sony had tried to keep its new PlayStation Portable
on a tight leash, installing controls so it couldn't run programs and
games not vetted and licensed by the company.

But the PSP, released in the United States in March, has been the
target of fervent attempts to unlock its capabilities, which go
beyond any previous handheld game machine.

Sony's restrictions were defeated by a program disseminated on the
Internet this week. It requires two memory cards, which are switched
while the PSP is working.

The exploit may not be practical or safe (an accompanying warning says
it could cause damage if done improperly), but it represents a
challenge to Sony's policy of tight control and opens the possibility
that PSP games could be pirated.


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