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Re: Wrong Time Shown in Vonage Caller ID

Robert Bonomi (
Mon, 06 Jun 2005 11:03:42 -0000

In article <>, Chris Farrar
<> wrote:

> I have a Vonage (Canada) VoIP number and I'm wondering if anyone else
> is experiencing this problem.

> I'm using an Aastra 392 (aka a Nortel Vista 392 screen phone) 2 line
> phone. Line one is on Bell Canada in the 905-282-XXXX exchange. Line
> 2 is Vonage Canada through the Linksys PSP2 adapter in the 416-628-XXXX
> exchange.

> The problem is that the phone with reset the display clock to conform
> with the last Caller ID information available. Bell Canada is sending
> the correct time (Eastern Daylight Time) on inbound calls, but Vonage
> is sending Eastern Standard Time. So whenever I receive a call on
> Vonage, my screen phone resets itself to EST, when we are currently in
> EDT, and the clock is then 1 hour slow until the next call comes in on
> Bell Canada to put it back into EDT.

> Theoretically this problem will disappear when we go back to EST in
> the fall, but is there a way to get Vonage to update their clock
> before then?

Have you considered *ASKING*VONAGE* ??

Or is that too simple and obvious an approach? <grin>

As an extreme solution, you could put in an Asterisk PBX, and let it
'rw-write' the caller-id timestamp.

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