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Verizon INPulse (Prepay) Billing Errors

Ed Fortmiller (
Wed, 01 Jun 2005 16:58:47 -0400

We signed up with a Verizon INPulse (prepay) plan back in March. Since
then they have incorrectly billed us on well over a dozen "IN
Calls". Initially they were blaming it on such things as the other
person was maybe under a bridge, in a building, had caller ID turned
off, etc, etc. Well a couple of weeks ago they finally admitted they
have a "bug" causing this. Just last week we got nailed again. Each
time they have issued a credit but we are tired of wasting time
getting the credit.

Warning: So if you are a Verizon INPulse customer I strongly suggest
you go over all the Call Detail and make sure you are not being

I would be willing to bet that when they eventually get this "bug"
fixed that they will not go back and automatically credit everyones

Ed Fortmiller | | Hudson MA

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