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Re: Here is My Sad Story With Lingo

DevilsPGD (
Mon, 30 May 2005 23:25:01 -0600

In message <> John Avina - Abraxas
Energy Consulting" <> wrote:

> About a year ago, I called their sales department and asked if Lingo
> could work over sattelite. They said yes, and signed me up.

> I got the equipment, and tried for a couple of months (I had to buy
> all sorts of adapters) to make it work, and called tech support, and
> they said, no, it will not work.

> I tried to cancel, and get a refund, since their sales department
> mislead me. They would not give me a refund, and twice, when I asked
> to speak to a manager, they said the manager was too busy and would
> call me back, but the manager never did.

> After cancelling, they put a $40 cancellation fee on my credit card,
> and not only that, this month I got a $22 charge on my credit card.

> I have never been involved with such a crooked dishonest company
> before. I would advise all people to avoid Lingo. They have no
> ethics, apparently, and charge poor suckers like me for nothing.

> Never give them your credit card.

No: The solution is to give them your credit card, but no other way to
collect money from you.

Your next step is to call your credit card company and have all the
charges reversed.

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