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Take Your Phone Along

Eric Friedebach (
25 May 2005 10:20:27 -0700

David M. Ewalt, 05.24.05,

NEW YORK - Internet telephone services have been slowly catching on as
consumers get hip to the promise of cheap phone calls and having the
same phone number anywhere you can plug in a computer.

But the services on the market from companies including phone carriers
such as Verizon Communications, cable providers such as Comcast and
Internet voice vendors such as Packet8 and Vonage aren't particularly
portable, often requiring special hardware and making it difficult to
access your phone account on a public terminal.

Most voice-over-Internet Protocol (VoIP) systems install on a home
computer and require a special modem. They can't be easily set up on
multiple machines, and you certainly wouldn't be able to access your
phone account on a public terminal.

Atlanta-based phone company i2 Telecom has changed that with the
VoiceStick, a software-based VoIP phone that is loaded on a
flash-based USB thumb drive, the same bit of hardware that's become
popular for transferring files between PCs.

Eric Friedebach
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