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Why Does it Take So Long?

Sun, 22 May 2005 10:05:46 -0700 routinely gets books delivered to my front door in just a
day or two after they're ordered on line (even when the order is
actually passed on to one of their affiliated used book sellers).
Many other online vendors get physical products to me in the same
length of time.

But I just ordered a major American magazine subscription, and a major
American weekly book review journal subscription through amazon, and
been told to be patient: it may take CLOSE TO THREE MONTHS before
either of these start arriving.

Is there some reason for this bizarre situation?

(And is there some other "comp" or other newgroup where people might
have answers to this curiousity-driven query?)

[TELECOM Digest Editor's Note: The problem may be that
stocks most of their books and merchandise through their warehouse
here in Independence/Coffeyville, and those guys work hard at filling
orders each day. They try hard to 'turn around' orders within one or
two days of getting the request. But, they are also vendors for a
variety of magazine publishers, and Amazon passes those orders along
to their publishers who then _do their own thing_ regards filling
orders. Amazon cannot help how slow some others are at filling orders,
so they give that disclaimer message on those orders they take. PAT]

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