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Re: Vonage Number Transfer

Nate (
20 May 2005 05:57:09 -0700

Nate wrote:

> Nate wrote:

>> Well ... it's been 2 1/2 months now waiting on my phone number to
>> transfer to Vonage. I'm not sure who's holding up the transfer but
>> this is ridiculous. Vonage claims it's not their fault (probably
>> isn't) but my question is, who do I complain to? My current carrier
>> (MCI) doesn't want to hear about it and, again, Vonage claims it's not
>> their fault.

>> [TELECOM Digest Editor's Note: Well again, like the other day, in this
>> case MCI is _probably not_ the underlying carrier, but probably just
>> a UNI-P operation. Like the guy using AT&T for 'local service' the
>> other day, more than likely MCI in this instance is at the mercy of
>> whomever the 'real' carrier of record in your area is. Southwestern
>> Bell perhaps? When Vonage put in the transfer request to MCI, then
>> MCI in turn had to tell the 'actual carrier' about it. What does
>> Vonage say other than 'not our fault'? Can you get them to audit or
>> trace the transaction for you? You also said 'MCI does not want to
>> hear about it'. Can you be more specific? Does your number actually
>> _belong_ to you? Do you have that part of it under control? Please
>> give us a few more details. PAT]

> I called MCI again and they say there is absolutely no reason why the
> number can't be transferred. Vonage says they have no idea why it's
> not being transferred so, again, who do I call? I asked MCI if they
> were the actual carrier or if there was a third party involved and the
> rep said that MCI was the actual carrier... but the guy didn't sound
> very sure of himself. My guess is that there is a third party and
> that's where it's being held up. Not sure what I can do at this point
> other than wait ...

> [TELECOM Digest Editor's Note: If MCI is telling you there is
> 'absolutely no reason why the number cannot be transferred' then
> tell them to please transfer it while you are waiting on the line
> attempting to audit/trace the procedure. I can assure you that MCI
> was NOT the 'actual carrier'. When phone numbers and area codes, etc
> were first assigned, there was no such 'phone company' as MCI. The
> actual carrier is one of the Bells, no doubt. I assume your Vonage
> line is working with its own number which is what you wish to have
> transferred. PAT]

Well, my number was transferred yesterday (the same day I called MCI
back). Unless it's just a big coincidence, I suspect MCI was the
holdup the entire time and they were probably just milking me as long
as they could. Anyhow, all better now.

[TELECOM Digest Editor's Note: Well, good, I am happy for you. PAT]

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