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Re: FCC's 911 Move a Trojan Horse? Critics Charge Engineering

Thor Lancelot Simon (
Thu, 19 May 2005 15:47:04 UTC

In article <>,
Jack Decker <> wrote:


> FCC's 911 Move a Trojan Horse?
> Critics Charge They're Engineering Death of Indie VoIP
> Written by Karl Bode

> Tomorrow the FCC will release an order that forces all independent
> VoIP providers to offer 911 service within 120 days. On the surface
> the move seems like a simple way of ensuring public safety, but
> critics believe it's really an incumbent engineered attempt to crush
> upstart VoIP competitors.

And critics of Jack Decker believe that he's really a paid PR flack
with write-only access to comp.dcom.telecom that he uses to post a
neverending barrage of "news" stories carefully selected by his
puppetmasters to tell their self-serving story about the choice of
certain large VoIP providers (but not others, which puts the lie to
most of what he says) to avoid the costs associated with 911 service
as a means of undercutting the prices of traditional POTS carriers.

Now, you may not believe my paragraph above, but you have just as
much rational warrant to believe it -- if not significantly more,
given that Jack *does* in fact seem to maintain a write-only
attitude to this forum -- as you have to believe the text that
begins with "critics believe..." in the quoted text.

Thor Lancelot Simon

"The inconsistency is startling, though admittedly, if consistency is
to be abandoned or transcended, there is no problem." - Noam Chomsky

[TELECOM Digest Editor's Note: Jack Decker _primarily_ writes the VOIP
newsgroup on Yahoo Groups. Through an earlier agreement between Jack
and myself (mainly, because _he_ thought of the idea of a news forum
for VOIP before myself), his articles are also distributed here in
Telecom Digest. Please recall at one time a few months ago, Jack was
discouraged about the content of what _he_ was receiving for _his_
group, and he stated he was going to put the group on hiatus. I very
promptly announced that _I_ would snatch it up in a hurry, but Jack
thought better of it and he re-instated his 'VOIP News' in a day or

He is not on any _write only_ basis with me. When his articles come
through via email to me, Jack and I have an agreement, that his
address will be withheld_on_request, mainly because of the horrible
problem with spam that all of us moderators -- who sit out in the open
all the time -- must endure. And although I _could_ leave his
'Reply-to:' line intact, I generally do not,
perhaps selfishly wishing to see replies to his articles seen via this
Digest to come back via this Digest rather than his. No matter, I
guess, if replies went to him and were published his Digest, they
would come back here anyway when _his_ published articles arrive here
usually later the same day, but it gets confusing trying to construct
all my '>' marks in a neat way.

Jack has stated that he prints _all_ the press releases he gets, no
matter how self-serving many of them are. If _I_ printed all the
press releases that Lisa Minter sees in a day's time, you'd probably
feel the same way about TELECOM Digest. But I have one 'luxury' that
neither Jack nor Lisa (as of yet) enjoy: a _huge_ volume of readers
and message writers -- writing on their own merit and not just as
press release writing puppets -- so I do not have to rely quite as
much on 'press releases' as Jack does. PAT]

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