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Re: Microsoft to Offer Anti-Virus Software, Service
Sun, 15 May 2005 20:22:23 GMT

> Microsoft Corp. , the world's largest software maker, unveiled on
> Thursday plans to launch a computer subscription service that would
> include anti-virus and security updates for personal computers.

I supposed fixing the underlying security problems with their software
would be asking too much? I guess it is much more profitable to sell
cheese-cloth operating system software and then sell subscriptions to
fix-up software that deals with the after effects of the security

Thanks to Microsoft's shoddy software practices, I'm once again being
hammered with bounces from viruses running on MS-windows boxes. What
makes this one special? It seems that the latest virus is spewing out
neo-nazi rantings. Imagine my joy when I see that my email address
was being attached to such hate-mongering messages. Do I really need
the worry that someone unfamiliar with reading email headers got one
of these messages and thinks I really wrote it? Worse yet, what about
worrying about someone in the effected group showing up at my door
with a handful of their closest friends? I don't exactly keep my
contact details a secret.

It is a shame that the forgery victims of these messages can't all get
together and collectively sue the pants off of Mr Gates' company for
criminal negligence. I don't see how this is much different from the
Pinto case where the auto manufacturer saved a (very small) bit of
money by not cutting the ends of some bolts off. They knew quite well
that those bolts would puncture the fuel tank in the event of a
rear-end collision, but simply ignored the problem. How long has
Microsoft known about their virus problems and how stupid an idea it
is to allow a user to click on a program sent to them in the mail in
order to have it installed in their system. Why is this still not

Wolfgang S. Rupprecht      

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