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SBC Joins VoIP E911 Club

Jack Decker (jack-yahoogroups@withheld_on_request)
Fri, 13 May 2005 11:47:48 -0400

SBC has become the latest -- and last -- of the so-called Baby
Bells to publicly agree to provide E911 services to VoIP carriers. The
Baby Bells run the vast majority of all E911 services in the United

SBC had been known to be working with VoIP carrier Vonage on E911, but
reportedly the two have been dickering over technical and business
details. Speculation is that SBC didn't want to announce E911
services until it had resolved the issues with Vonage, but recent
events have overtaken the carrier.

Last week BellSouth said that it would provide E911 service to VoIP
providers. That announcement came shortly after Vonage announced it
had cut an E911 pact with Verizon (Initial reports in TelecomWeb had
indicated that Verizon was providing E911 only to Vonage, but Verizon
has since informed us that the offer is open to all VoIP
carriers). Qwest, too, has acknowledged tests with Vonage and
reportedly agreed to provide E911 to all providers.

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