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Re: Will 911 Difficulties Derail VoIP?

Wed, 11 May 2005 15:39:08 -0700

To recap a speculative post I made some time back, seems to me that at
least in those (quite widespread) situations where copper (or cable,
or fiber) connections to business and residential premises already
exist, or will continue to be created:

a) VOIP telephone service totally without 911 could be the norm.

b) All of the existing "hardwired connections" could continue to exist
(including copper pairs included in or installed with fiber or TV
cables), but would extend only to the telco (or cable, or fiber)
"central office" and not be expected to provide any telco service
beyond that point.

c) These would however provide the hard-wired connections not just for
"911" services (activated perhaps by "pushbuttons" or the equivalent
in the hardwired premises), but also for many other kinds of related
security services (fire alarms, home security systems, home control
systems, alarm bracelets for the elderly, "iPots", etc), provided by
vendors who would take over the wiring infrastructure, and very
possibly some or all of the CO facilities, from the telco. Utility
meter reading via these hardwired connections would be another
potential user -- not to mention DSL for those cases where cable,
fiber or wireless didn't provide the broadband services to a given

I appreciate there are many sunk costs, vested interests, and so on in
this whole infrastructure, so it may not be obvious how to get from
here to there; but if the vast majority of telephone traffic ended up
on VOIP, wouldn't this make some sense, and in fact, maybe be the way
in which you'd set up new green-field developments?

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