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Re: Kiddie Porn Problem Severe, Expert Sees it Worsening

11 May 2005 10:43:43 -0700

In NYC one of the local radio stations, WQHT jokes about child

[TELECOM Digest Editor's Note: Sounds pretty sick to me, but I have
never heard the station so cannot comment on the 'jokes' nor their
context. All anyone can really comment on is what they, themselves
have experienced: In my case, my sister (18 years younger than myself;
I grew up as an 'only child' until I was 18) ran away from home when
she was 15; went to live in Orlando, FL where she promptly got the
first 'job' which came to mind; between that and her cocaine addiction
she was essentially a 'child slave'. Between her several stays in the
Orange County Jail over the years variously for prostitution and drug
abuse she would call us collect or write letters now and then. Now,
in the past year, neither mother nor myself have heard from her; she
might be dead, or might be alive, living with someone, we have no

Some of you may recall Bill Pfieffer from before his passing: He was
the moderator and the Usenet guy.
He ran away from home when he was 12 years old from an abusive
environment. He was searching for his true parents, who had abandoned
him years before. Needless to say, like many young guys he fell into
the same trap as my sister did. Bill _always_ ran the Amber Alert
javascript on his web site (and its predecesser program "Have you Seen
Me?") because he knew as I know, what an insidious evil the problem
of missing children (often times in sexual/drug slavery) can be.

Call the radio station: tell them its nothing to joke about. PAT]

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