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Avaya Emergency

Jason Kolb (
10 May 2005 13:04:21 -0700

Well, Avaya has gotten me into a bind. Maybe somebody out there has
run into this before, it's worth a shot :)

We have an internal outsourcer running Avaya IP phones and an S8300
with SLP. In the states, we have an S8700 that we need to use to run
the IP phones (the S8300 is failover). Unfortunately and unavoidably
we are getting latency times of about 315ms roundtrip to the remote
site. This seems to be on the verge of acceptable, because the IP
phones can sometimes register, but other times we are receiving an
error "2011 IP FURQ-NoQ931 msg rcvd Force Unregistration Request". It
seems to be extremely random. We called Avaya and it they said the
registration confirmation is not getting from the phone back to the
8700 in a timely mannger. There are absolutely no firewall
restrictions of any kind between the phone and the 8700.

So what I'm left with is either finding a way to MAKE this work, or
putting a bunch of really expensive equipment up on eBay :( We are
looking for a way to override this behavior, either by extending the
timeout or forcing the phone to register somehow. By the way, I'm
willing to pay for advice that works ...

Thanks for any help you can offer!!

Jason Kolb
jason.kolb at gmail dot com

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