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Big Media Companies Weigh Blog Strategies

Lisa Minter (
08 May 2005 15:11:30 -0700

Are the newspapers being to feel a squeeze from the internet? And
what about the cable news operations? Some of them were just a
little shocked to read the recent survey results showing that
many Americans who _were_ spending an hour or so each day either
in front of the television for news or buried behind their newspapers
reading it have now chosen to instead read blogs and news feeds on
the internet instead. The newspapers of course chant their ongoing
mantra, 'But who edits it and approves it prior to publication?'
Well, that's a no-brainer. The people themselves atttend to that.
And oooh, that makes the television and newspapers editorial people
so angry. "What do you mean, we no longer control what they see and
read? Who is going to buy what our sponsors have for sale?"

Read about some of it here:

Big media companies weigh blog strategies

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