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Re: Spam Mentioning "242 W. 36th St"

B.M. Wright (
Wed, 4 May 2005 08:12:19 UTC

Scott Dorsey <> wrote:
> <NOTvalid@surplus4actors.INFO> wrote:

>> The only messages I left was telling them which payphone I was at and
>> for them to change their OGM to give correct address.

>> Tomorrow I will be in midtown Manhattan again, so I will call to let
>> them know that I am within walking distance of their office. As I get
>> closer to address they gave I may keep calling until I get correct
>> address.

> Why would you ever get a correct address?

> They are spammers. It is their _business plan_ to keep their address
> secret.

You've lost the plot haven't you Scott? It cost THEM (meaning the
spammers) money when he calls their toll free number from a payphone
to "notify" them of this. Get it now?

[TELECOM Digest Editor's Note: I thought everyone knew this routine by
now; apparently some people still have not caught on. For how long did
I run a 'business directory' here of spammers -- err, legitimate
business people with their 800 numbers. Maybe we need an update on the
directory. PAT]

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