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Turn Your Cellphone Into a Modem

Monty Solomon (
Tue, 3 May 2005 23:00:10 -0400

By Michelle Johnson | May 2, 2005

Navigating the Web on the average cellphone can be an exercise in
frustration. You're either reduced to clicking through stripped-down
screens of mostly text, or forced to squint at pages scrunched onto a
tiny display.

The PocketSurfer Web viewer, which works with a cellphone, is aiming
to change all that. However, it has some quirks.

About the size of a checkbook, the PocketSurfer looks a bit like a
tiny laptop or PDA. But the resemblance stops there, because this is a
single-function device, meant strictly for accessing the Web.

Essentially, it turns almost any cellphone into a wireless modem via a
Bluetooth connection, so it will work anywhere there's cellphone
service. (If your phone isn't Blue-tooth enabled you can purchase a
separate adapter.)

I recently tested a PocketSurfer with a Bluetooth-enabled Motorola
V600 cellphone and found that while it offers definite advantages,
setting it up and using it require jumping a few hurdles.

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