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Michigan Joins the Legal Dogpile on Vonage

Jack Decker (jack-yahoogroups@withheld_on_request)
Mon, 02 May 2005 14:06:43 -0400

I have yet to see any comment anywhere supporting the AG's action. I
think most everyone, with the possible exception of the traditional
telephone companies and their PR firms and "astroturf" organizations,
think that this is entirely the wrong approach and the wrong thing to

Michigan Joins the Legal Dogpile on Vonage

Posted Apr 29, 2005, 4:59 PM ET by Ted Wallingford

Michigan is legally threatening Vonage, claiming the startup VoIP
carrier intentionally misled consumers by not providing “enough”
notice to its customers that 911 call routing needs to be activated
before users can access the emergency dispatch capabilities of Vonage.

Michigan isn't exactly known for being at the forefront of telecom
theory. But, really, I don't see how state governments suing IP
telecom operators is going to improve E911 compliance. Quite the
contrary, I don't even believe the idea that a majority of VoIP
subscribers don't realize they can't call 911 using their service. To
me, it would seem that an early adopter who's savvy enough to jump on
the VoIP bandwagon during the industry's infancy is in a very
well-informed minority, indeed. So what's all the fuss about,
Mr. Attorney General?

I have two questions about all this. First, why Vonage? There are
plenty of VoIP carriers out there. Second, why not push for
legislation to regulate disclosure rather than going the judicial
route? Apparently, as was the case in Minnesota last year, attorneys
general would rather compete in the arena of the injunctive and
punitive -- that is,-- courts than in the arena of ideas. *sigh*

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1. Posted Apr 30, 2005, 9:09 PM ET by Roy

I live in Michigan and have Vonage. The first thing I did when the
VOIP was working, register my number with 911. I agree, whats all that
fuss about? (maybe SBC lobbist?)

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