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VOIP: 911 - Vonage vs Time-Warner Roadrunner
28 Apr 2005 09:13:24 -0700

In Charlotte, Time-Warner offers Digital Phone as an additional
service for their broadband customers. They claim that calling 911 on
their service goes to the true E911 center, including display of your
name and number. Unfortunately, their plan is $40 + $4 more for
voicemail. There are no low-minute plans.

I have Vonage, have activated my 911, but have not tested it (yet).
Of course, according to all Vonage literature I can find, my 911 call
from Vonage will not go to true E911, and will not include my name,
address, and phone.

Is it true/possible that Time-Warner can provide true E911 service,
while Vonage can not? Who are the players (governments, phone
carriers, etc.) that are at work in this situation?

Thank you for any info you have.

[TELECOM Digest Editor's Note: Apparently, the only players in the
game who can get 'true E-911' are the telcos themselves or any of
their friends. Others have to pay for the service, and the cost was
pretty steep until recently when under pressure SBC agreed to begin
working with Vonage and other VOIP carriers. The reason this is so
is because when 'true E-911' was being developed, telco had it built
to _their_ specifications. PAT]

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Subject: RBOCs Change Tone on VOIP E911
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RBOCs Change Tone on VOIP E911

The RBOCs now appear to be playing ball with VOIP providers on E911,
but for a price (see VOIP 911 Still Trails Wireline).

SBC Communications Inc. has been in negotiations with Vonage Holdings
Corp. over the past two weeks, Light Reading has learned, while
Verizon Communications Inc. Tuesday announced an E911 trial with VOIP
providers, including Vonage, for this summer.

Verizon says it has been working with various VOIP providers and
vendors on a generic interface between a VOIP network and the public
E911 system. The interface will allow 911 calls originating on VOIP
networks to be automatically routed to one of the two Public Safety
Access Points (PSAPs) in New York City.

As the incumbent LEC, Verizon owns the pipe to the public E911 system
and can sell access to other service providers in New York.

"Once it is up and running, we'll be taking discreet steps to make it
available elsewhere," says Verizon spokesperson Mark Marchand. Verizon
operates in 29 states and the District of Columbia.

SBC will likely offer Vonage an E911 interface similar to
Verizon's, once the two work out their differences.

The fact that the two are talking at all is progress, considering
their rocky start. "Let's be real about where they started
from," says Vonage spokesperson Brooke Shulz. "The first answer
they gave us was 'No, we're not going to sell it to you.' "

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