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Re: Lingo (Primus Telecommunications) Horror Story

Ed (
26 Apr 2005 18:05:01 -0700

Hi Ginger,

Thanks so much! You have put my mind at ease.

I'm in the State of Maine. I suspect that the laws here are similar
to Massachussetts.

Your post prompted me to look at the following page available on the
Internet at the Maine Attorney General's office:

One of my rights that I was intrigued by is the right to a prompt
delivery. Looks like I'm well within the limit since my order was on
August 13 and I've received no equipment ever in 8 months (and would
be horrified if they sent it now -- I don't want it!).

Another thing that intriqued me was the right to sue in small claims
court for an order over the Internet. I foolishly believed that I
would have to take a day trip to Delaware (a possibility) because
Primus is incorporated there for business in the US. Looks like it
can all be done through the Maine courts if I understand correctly.

In any case, I have no plan to sue anyone over anything. It's a
just-in-case if they were to keep harassing me. I say this because
I've been promised that they would stop billing me so many times
without result.

These bills just keep on coming! The last invoice, according to the
Final Notice Prior to Placement with a Collection Service (actual
title in bold at top of letter), is 02/28/2005 with a due date of
03/30/2005. So, they've been billing me all along in spite of
numerous numerous phone calls to try to resolve this.

I can't understand why they would bill my credit card (for real) 4
different times plus try but fail on other occasions and still not
investigate. Doesn't it mean anything to Primus Telecommunications
when a credit card company reverses charges (as my credit card company
did all 4 times)?

Maybe they have their side of the story but I just can't understand it
from where I sit. Why didn't they bother to look to see if they had
sent equipment instead of wasting all that postage mailing letters and
all that time talking to me on the phone?

It costs them money to make mistakes like this. Surely they must
realize this.

I don't get it. I just can't understand what these people were


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