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Testing Cingular (and Perhaps Other GSM) Phones

al_groups (
26 Apr 2005 11:09:11 -0700


I've got some Cingular (and one ATT) phones I managed to repair.

However I would like to test them making a couple of phone calls.
The problem is I don't have a Cingular account.

With Sprint CMDA phones you still can call cust svc even if you don't
have an account w/them. Same with Verizon.

I am kind of new to GSM phones, so I may be mistaken, but even with a
blank GSM card inserted I can't call anybody. The only exception is an
emergency number (cellphone says that) which I am not sure if it's
going to ring at a 911 number.

The cellphones I have are locked as far as I know.

Could I perhaps sign up with one of those prepaid accounts that CNG
offers, so I could use the GSM I would activate with the phones I
already have?

Have they to be unlocked even if I want to use a prepaid service GSM
card with them (even a Cingular one?

Any other links I can find more info on this subject?

Thanks a lot,


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