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Re: SBC, Vonage Working on 911 Service Access Deal
Fri, 22 Apr 2005 03:06:19 -0700

E-911 has one really invaluable feature known as called party trunk
and line sezure. No matter how briefly you're off-hook, once you dial
911 you cannot release the connection. Only the call center can
release the connection.

I wonder if that is even technically possible via VoIP assuming
unrestrained cooperation of the LEC that holds the marbles, so to

Jack Decker wrote:


> SBC, Vonage Working on 911 Service Access Deal

> WASHINGTON (Reuters) - SBC Communications Inc. is in talks to provide
> Internet telephone provider Vonage Holdings Corp. with enhanced 911
> emergency services for its customers, after an initial fight between
> the two carriers.

> Initially SBC rejected a request from Vonage to lease access to the
> necessary equipment and databases, preferring to focus on an
> industrywide effort. Now the two sides are talking about a deal and
> going over technological requirements, according to a letter from SBC
> made available on Thursday.

> Privately held Vonage provides its service using high-speed Internet
> connections and does not have access to the traditional 911 system
> where a phone number and address pop up in emergency call centers.

> Instead, the company's 550,000 customers must activate a 911 service
> by registering an address which is used to send calls to
> lower-priority lines at call centers. That has drawn complaints that
> customers are unaware they must activate the service.

> "We have offered to negotiate commercial agreements ...," Christopher
> Rice, SBC executive vice president for network planning and
> engineering, said in an April 18 letter to Vonage Chief Executive
> Jeffrey Citron.

> Regardless, Rice told Vonage that the carrier would have to reach
> agreements with each public safety entity for delivery of 911 calls.

> Full story at:

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