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Re: AOL to Block Identity Theft Sites

David B. Horvath, CCP (
Fri, 22 Apr 2005 09:52:49 -0400

On 21 Apr 2005 23:24:00 GMT, wrote:

> In article <>, Ed Clarke
> <> wrote:

>> On 2005-04-20, mc <> wrote:

>>> In my opinion, all browsers should block or warn about references
>>> of the form:

>>> <a href="xxxxx">yyyyy</a>
>>> where yyyyy is a URL that does not match xxxxx.
>>> Simple - why don't they do it?

>> Virtual hosts. I have half a dozen websites on a single IP; costs my
>> customers less for web hosting. The only time it makes a difference
>> is for vanity -- reverse host maps to forward host -- or for SSL. >

> HTML link tags where the reference in the tag doesn't match the text
> associated with the tag.

> John Meissen

I missed the original posting but most of the href's I've ever seen
are on the original form where xxxxx does not match yyyyy. For
instance: <a href=">Telecom Digest</a>
fits that pattern. And it would be very easy to make a yyyyy that
*looks* like a URL to a person but would be missed by any software --
<a href=">www,</a>
(that's www comma ...).

- David

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