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CNID Printouts on Cell Bills, was: SprintPCS Lousy Web Interface

Danny Burstein (
Tue, 19 Apr 2005 05:10:55 UTC

In <> Steve Sobol
<> writes:

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> Sprint doesn't *print* incoming phone numbers on the bill. For a
> Sprint CSR not to know that is unacceptable.

> No one prints incoming phone numbers on customer bills except
> Cingular.

Cough, cough. T-mobile has them for most incoming calls (see below) ...

> My argument is: I get call details on calls to 888-480-4638 because I
> pay per minute for people to call my at that number. Why don't I get
> the same courtesy from my cell carrier(s)? Come on. I don't even get
> the phone number on my bill when my wife calls, and I know damned well
> she doesn't block caller ID on her cell phone, so there *is* no
> privacy issue for her ... the number shows up on my caller ID but not
> on my bill!

T-Mobile displays incoming CNID on the phones and, as of two or so
years ago, prints the numbers on the bill. The exceptions are those
that are "blocked" by the sender.

Which gets me to my question: Can anyone point to the actual court
case or FCC decision, or anything ... that made the point that the
"owner" of a 1-800 (or similar) number has the right to get all the
listings? If the rationale is that the recipient pays, than that
should carry over to the cellular phones as well.

I'd love to push that case forward ...

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