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Re: Can I Substitute NiMH Battery for NiCd in Cordless Phone

Fred Goldstein (
Mon, 18 Apr 2005 17:30:20 -0400

A contrary position to what several others have said ...

I have a Panasonic cordless phone that came with a NiCd battery. The
battery failed within a year, as NiCd cordless batteries usually do.
I found a NiMH substitute, designed for a different Panasonic phone
but with the same voltage, shape and connector. So I installed it.

The NiMH has a better lifespan per charge than the NiCD ever did. As
to how long it'll last, I can't say, because I forget exactly how many
years it has been since I made the switch, but it has been several
years, and the NiMH battery is still going strong, maybe just
beginning to show a few signs of age. On the other hand I've never
met a NiCd that I really liked.

There are some differences in the ideal charging parameters, but to a
considerable extent, they overlap. Of course Your Mileage May Vary.

-- fred "at"

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