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Re: Texting is Slower Than Morse

Tony P. (
Sun, 17 Apr 2005 19:18:11 -0400

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>> The Sydney Morning Herald reports on a challenge between 93 year old
>> telegraph operator transmitting morse code to an 82 year old with a
>> manual typewriter, and youngsters sending a text message. The text
>> message was received 18 seconds after the message was already on
>> paper.


> Sure, but much of that 18 seconds was in network transmission time,
> but the telegraph has a (by comparison) severely limited "network"

> Let's try another test; let's send the same message to each of five
> different recipients randomly selected out of a possible thousand
> recipients, then travel to a randomly selected location within two
> city blocks and send a new message to those five people again.

> Anybody want to bet that by the time the telegraph operator gets his
> system reconnected to send to the second recipient, the phone user
> will have finished walking to the randomly selected location (sending
> the first batch of five messages while walking?)

> In message <> Tony P.
> <> wrote:

>> They've obviously not heard of T9 mode in text messaging. The biggest
>> issue I have with texting is that the keypad is too damned small.

> How large a phone are you willing to carry?

Something with a keypad approximately the size of the one found on a
WE 2500 set.

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