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Re: Web Censors In China Find Success

DevilsPGD (
Sat, 16 Apr 2005 11:48:46 -0500

>> [TELECOM Digest Editor's Note: I wonder why it would not be feasible
>> to route all our internet traffic _through China_ and have them
>> adjust their filter mechanisms to censor out all spam. It would be a
>> good way for Americans and Chinese people to work together on a very
>> worthwhile, useful project. PAT]

> Perhaps you are not seeing the same spam I am. Here in California,
> we are inundated by Chinese spam. It's not just me - on my ISP's
> internal anti-spam newsgroup, I have seen many complaints about
> Chinese spam (and South Korean spam, too, for that matter). For
> myself, I notice many messages from addresses in the "cn" domain
> showing up with unreadable subjects in my greymail (the SpamAssassain
> rejects).

> On the other hand, we are also inundated with Chinese products.
> I've given up shopping for toys for the grandchildren - everything
> (and I do mean EVERYTHING) in the stores is made in China! It's
> gotten to the point that the grocery stores are actually carrying
> some garlic from China -- with Gilroy ("the garlic capital of the
> world") only twenty miles away in the south end of Santa Clara
> County.

> Take care.

> Mark

[TELECOM Digest Editor's Note: I don't know what I am reading some
days when I take time to study that stuff. One oriental, eastern
language and its script looks like another to me. F'r instance, I
cannot tell the difference between Chinese (and its various dialects)
and Japanese (and its various dialects) and Korean, although I know
there are as many as there are variations on English with its American
accents. But I see the little squiggles and markings and say "oh, it
comes from _over there, somewhere_". So maybe I get Chinese spam as
well, and just don't know which is which. PAT]

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