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Re: Spam Hits Us Hard Today - Message Losses

Tom Lynn (
Fri, 15 Apr 2005 18:31:21 -0700

Check out

Popfile is an e-mail proxy that filters spam based on how you train
it. It takes some initial effort to get it over the hump, but it
achieves over 99% accuracy over the long term.

I believe they also have an nntp proxy for filtering usenet, too.

You won't be sorry.

Tom Lynn

On Thu, 14 Apr 2005 17:49:02 EDT, TELECOM Digest Editor
<> wrote:

> Ordinarily either Lisa Minter or myself get in here and flush the spam
> queue a few times daily. Then we go through the 'regular' file of
> 'good' incoming mail and sort through it, since about 80-90 percent of
> the stuff in the 'good' mail file is also spam which managed to not
> trip the Spam Assassin rules. Then we move the 'good' stuff into a
> protected area where it is stored until the next issue comes out. But
> from the last issue of the Digest on Wednesday through the present
> time, neither of us came in to do the usual flush, consequently there
> were several hundred spams in the so- called 'good' file today. And in
> the middle of them, here and there, the legitimate emails. Unfortunatly,
> the good stuff got flushed with the volumes of spam today by accident.
> What you see in this issue is _all we have left_ of the good stuff.
> If you wrote to the Digest anytime since Wednesday night; you got an
> autoack and _do not_ see your email in this issue, then please
> resubmit it.

> There *has to be* a better way of sorting out the spam. I have the
> trigger set now at 2 (according to Spam Assassin, 5 is average for
> most users), but I just do not feel I can go any lower than 2; there
> is too much stuff otherwise hitting the spam bucket; I use the very
> old 'mail' from 1993 with Unix here; I wish there were someway to
> see entire screens full of stuff and be able to dismiss it with a
> single keystroke instead of the 3-4 keystrokes needed at present.
> Anyway, if your message from (probably during the day) Thursday is
> not shown here, then sorry, I don't have it. Resubmit it please.

> Patrick Townson

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