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Re: Getting Serious About the War on Spam

John Levine (
15 Apr 2005 21:09:10 -0000

> Ok, this guy contracted for high speed internet connectivity from
> someone or another.

That would be MCI.

> Why did anyone else accept any packets from this organization?

Good question. They're consistently #1 on the Spamhaus hit parade.



[TELECOM Digest Editor's Note: Then why are they not getting cut off
from the rest of the world until they make an effort to get rid of
their spam traffic? Is it possibly because your superiors at ICANN
and their mouthpiece Vint Cerf are so well funded by MCI that they do
not allow (by heavy pressure or otherwise) anyone to put a permanent
halt on MCI's traffic? Why is ICANN so silent on the volumes of spam
the rest of the net has to endure day after day? Is it because ICANN
and Vint Cerf are actually more interested in appeasing the spammers
and commercial interests rather than the vast majority of the netizens?

John, instead of answering a question with the statement 'good question'
why is no one (in authority on the net) actuall, physically cutting
off MCI by refusing to accept any or all of their traffic until the
spam stops? PAT]

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