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VoicePulse Lowers Startup Costs and Drops Tax

Jack Decker (jack-yahoogroups@withheld_on_request)
Fri, 15 Apr 2005 18:31:57 -0400

A VoicePulse press release some of you might find interesting.
VoicePulse offers service in as many or more Michigan ratecenters than
any of the other major VoIP providers, and seems to receive far more
positive comments than other providers on the
VoIP forum. Note, if any members of the press are reading this, an
e-mail that came to me with this release said that Ravi Sakaria, the
President & CEO of VoicePulse, is available for comment - contact
Chris Liu, VoicePulse Public Relations, at 732-339-5106 to arrange an
interview. Personally, I'd like to see the VoIP companies that
actually offer numbers in all of Michigan's area codes (rather than
just rateceters in the Detroit and Grand Rapids areas) get some
publicity in the major media, and VoicePulse is in my opinion the top
company in that regard, especially after this announcement.

VoicePulse Lowers Startup Costs and Drops Tax
Company lowers first month cost by $50 and drops unwanted tax

JAMESBURG, NJ (April 15, 2005) - VoicePulse Inc. announced today a
promotion that reduces the startup costs of their most popular
nationwide calling plan, the America Unlimited Special Offer, by $50.
The America Unlimited Special Offer allows consumers to make the jump
to Voice-over-IP (VoIP) for only $24.99/month for unlimited local & US
long distance calling.

"We've been able to build and maintain an efficient operation without
sacrificing customer satisfaction or service quality," says Ravi
Sakaria, VoicePulse President & CEO. "Combined with our increased
scale, this translates into lower costs for VoicePulse and savings for
our customers."

In addition, VoicePulse has stopped charging Federal Excise Tax (FET),
saving customers an additional 3% each month. VoicePulse is now the
only broadband phone service provider that does not charge any
unnecessary taxes or regulatory fees other than common sales tax.

"There is no clarity regarding whether or not the Federal Excise Tax
applies to VoIP service, so we have decided to err in favor of the
consumer," says Sakaria.

VoicePulse continues to pay Federal Excise Tax to its underlying
telecommunications providers, as those services are still regulated
and subject to taxes and tariffs.

VoicePulse has won awards from highly regarded technical journals and
trade magazines such as PC Magazine, PC World, and DesignTechnica.
VoicePulse also boasts having the top award from Broadband Reports,
which is based solely on customer reviews.


VoicePulse is a New Jersey based communications company that uses its
VoIP network to deliver advanced features and high-quality phone
service to residential and small-business consumers. The company
leads the industry in delivering innovative features and excellent
customer service.

For more information about VoicePulse, please contact:
Rima Vaghasiya
rima @

How to Distribute VoIP Throughout a Home:

If you live in Michigan, subscribe to the MI-Telecom group:

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