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Re: Cell Phone Wearing Out?
15 Apr 2005 11:33:41 -0700

Choreboy wrote:

> A relative complained to Verizon that she had trouble making calls on
> a trip through Georgia. Her phone is six years old. The saleswoman
> gave the phone to a technician who a said the transmitter was wearing
> out and she needed to buy a new phone. The saleswoman offered her a
> choice of second-hand phones.

One possibility is that the six-year-old phone is an analog (AMPS)
only phone. Six years ago, 1999, CDMA was just starting to roll out
and relatively few manufacturer had phones out (Qualcomm, Sony and
towards the end of the year Motorola and Samsung, IIRC). Right now
Verizon Wireless is in the process of reducing their analog coverage
to the minimum that they can get away with in preparation to shutting
down the analog system once they are allowed.

Therefore, it is possible that the trouble making calls was that the
area being visited had poor analog coverage, but Choreboy's relative's
home area still as good analog coverage.

If this is case the technician still made an incorrect statement;
either due to ignorance, or because of some policy that blames analog
coverage woes on the phone rather than a business decision.

If the phone is an analog only phone, upgrading it will eventually
become a necessity as the FCC is eventually going to allow the
carriers to turn analog off.

Ron Oakes

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