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Re: Cellular Phone Harassment from '555-555-1212'

Lisa Hancock (
13 Apr 2005 14:08:21 -0700

T. Sean Weintz wrote:

> This is almost definitely a scofflaw telemarketer calling from a PRI
> line. By using a PRI line, can set the caller ID to be whatever he wants.

Could you explain what is a "PRI" line, and characteristicss give it the
power to change caller ID?

Why would any subscriber have access to such a line?

> You answer and get no-one on the other end because he is using a
> predictive dialer -- a computer dials the numbers, and connects the calls
> to people in the telemarketing call center only when the call is
> answered on your end. If no one is available in the call center to take
> the call, when you answer you get the classic "no one there when I
> answer" effect -- you just hear dead air.

I don't understand that when the fellow answers the call, why someone
doesn't come on on the other end and make their sales pitch. There is
usually a brief 1-2 second, but someone does come on. Obviously they
don't want live people to miss their sales pitches.

[TELECOM Digest Editor's Note: The hassle is the 'predictive dialer'
(which is what they call the device which 'dials ahead' and gets
suckers on the line works too fast for the human beings doing the
talking/selling. It thinks, based on formulas built in, that by the
time it gets a sucker on the phone, an agent will be ready to talk to
them. That's when the predictive dialer plays a pre-recorded message
saying 'please hold, we have an important message for you' or
something similar. That's when I usually hang up, and you should also.

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