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Re: Cellular Phone Harassment from '555-555-1212'
13 Apr 2005 09:53:20 -0700

Dale Showers wrote:

> I have been receiving calls on my cell phone and the caller id is
> 15555551212 but there is no one on the phone when I pick up.

I would contact your cell phone carrier and request their assistance.
You might want to speak to the tech-support unit rather than merely
customer service. Keep a log of your calls to them and their

It may be necessary to write them a written complaint. Use postal
certified mail with receipt, not email; this way you have a hard
record. Certified letters -- which they have to sign for -- tend to
get more attention.

Earlier in this newsgroup it was reported that mass market calls were
originating out of VOIP lines and giving nonsensical caller id numbers
like 111-111-1111. (I got such marketing calls during the political
campaign -- the Dems were so desperate they called repeatedly all day
long with recorded pitches. It was a nightmare.) Anyway, maybe
hackers on VOIP are able to slur callerID. It's strange that a number
555-1212 would be used since that's directory assistance, and I can't
help but wonder the originator purposely set that number up to be
seen. That is troubling.

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