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Re: Verizon FiOS Blocking Ports?

pvwebb (
9 Apr 2005 09:27:32 -0700

You're probably having trouble with the firewall on your DLink router.
You need to set it to pass through the ports from the Linux computer. wrote:

> I'm very lucky to be in an area where Verizon's FiOS fiber to the
> premises service is available. I have the 15/2 Mbps service and it
> works great.

> I'm wondering if anyone knows if Verizon blocks are inbound ports
> (80, etc.)?

> Also, I'm using the Verizon provided DLink DI-604 router. I'm not
> having any luck getting the router to forward WAN traffic through to
> specific machines on the LAN. For example, I've tried passing traffic
> on port 8080 to a linux box running Apache on that port and I think I
> have the router configured properly but it doesn't seem to be letting
> the traffic through. I'm a bit of a novice so I'm not sure how to
> determine if this is something Verizon's blocking before it gets to my
> router or if I just haven't figured the router out yet.

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