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Re: Telemarketing to Cellphones

DevilsPGD (
Sat, 09 Apr 2005 01:36:10 -0600

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> In message <> Joseph
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>> [TELECOM Digest Editor's Note: So what harm is there in adding your
>> cell phone and/or VOIP number to the list just to 'be safe'? PAT]

> The harm is that exempt companies can purchase the DNC list and use it
> as a list of people to annoy.

> [TELECOM Digest Editor's Note: Why, when by your presence on that list
> you have in effect stated 'do not bother me, I am not interested',
> would some 'exempt' company deliberatly call you anyway? Do they have
> money to waste just being malicious? PAT]

Just because "Dave" added a number to the DNC list doesn't mean that
they won't find "John" at that number that might buy their shit.

[TELECOM Digest Editor's Note: But they have been told, by the
presence of a phone number on the list to _not_ connect with that
phone number. The DNC list does not say 'do not call Dave at this
number', it simply says _do not call this number_. In my opinion, the
more phone numbers that can be loaded on that list, whether they are
landline, residential, business, cell, VOIP or whatever, the better
off the world will be. PAT]

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