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Re: Harrasing Annoying Ex Boyfriend Phone Calls CALLER ID Manager

Paratwa (
Thu, 07 Apr 2005 18:46:44 -0500

If your referring to my story its just that -- a personal story. You
won't find it in the paper and it certainly wasn't in the local news.
Heck in today's world of stalkers and murders I'm amazed I couldn't
find others with similar problems via a search. In any event if you
really want proof I can at the very least probably dig up a police
report and pdf it to you -- for proper monetary compensation of not
less than $25.

For what its worth by sheer coincidence the idiot called from a pay
phone last night an left a message. He has probably figured out that
something isn't right since he could leave a message with the first
try on a pay phone and couldn't do it again, since I blocked it.

On 7 Apr 2005 05:20:45 -0700, Justin Time <>

> Sheesh Pat!

> Because of your extreme dislike of SBC you seem to have fallen for
> this advertisement written as a sob story about harrassing phone calls
> that "no one would do anything about." The story has all the earmarks
> of an urban ledgend -- no verifiable facts and no way to ascertain
> even if the story is true.

> Rodgers Platt

> [TELECOM Digest Editor's Note: All I can do is speak to my own
> experience. I was harassed for a couple months by AT&T (of all
> people!) who three or four times per day would call me on my
> ring-ring (distinctive ringing) line, looking for someone I had
> never heard of, and because of SBC's alleged inability to do anything
> to help me eventually _I_ had to invest in a long distance call at
> my own expense to call them back and trace through it with them. And
> SBC (to name just one of the Bell companies) absolutely refuses to
> do _anything_ about harassing phone calls except charge their
> _customer_ fifteen dollars for each use of *57. Bell used to have
> an 'Annoyance Call Bureau' to deal with those things; now apparently
> that has to be a profit center for them like everything else. PAT]

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