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Steve Sobol (
Wed, 06 Apr 2005 16:34:15 -0700

AES wrote:

> I love all the remarkable, almost unbelievable and unlimited features
> of Google. But it truly bothers me that what is fast becoming THE
> primary reference and search tool and "window on the world" for me and
> so many others is founded on and controlled by an entirely commercial
> and primarily advertising-supported financial base.

How do you expect Google to pay its bills if it's not going to be either
advertising-supported or subscriber-supported?

> environmental, or other information is made readily available to you
> -- by less idealistic people who might (in fact, are certain to)
> acquire ownership of Google some time in the future.

Google's already gone public. I think you're a little late expressing your

> "Dependence on advertising tends to corrupt. Total dependence on
> advertising corrupts totally." My own equivalent for today.

"I want a free lunch, but I'm not willing to allow other people to pay
for it." My interpretation of your quote. - Apple Valley, CA - - 888.480.4NET (4638)
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