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Re: Obituary: Schiavo Dies After Feeding Tube Removed
3 Apr 2005 05:05:12 GMT

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> This kind of thinking is really disturbing. The intimates are
> certainly entitled to their point of view. However, other familes
> simply do not share those religious attitudes about medical care.

What is more disturbing, in my mind, is that once they decided to let
the body die (regardless of the state of the mind), they chose to let
it happen through two weeks of starvation and dehydration.

This is a sad statement about humanity, that we'll use drugs to
painlessly put a mortally wounded dog out of its misery, but a human
body must be forced to endure two weeks of torture until its organs

And even as Shiavo fades into memory, the feds continue their assault
on Oregon's Death With Dignity laws ... what a bizarre society
we live in.

[TELECOM Digest Editor's Note: What do you mean, 'Shiavo fades into
memory ...' _they_ are not going to allow that to happen. The net,
like many broadcasting stations in recent weeks is going to convert to
'All Schiavo news, all the time'. And you call this a 'bizarre
society'? As Lisa Minter explained it to me last week, when news that
a top honcho in Boy Scouts of America (I am sure you've heard of them,
and _their_ posture on how everything good and patriotic about America
does *not* include H-people) got arrested by police and confessed to
_being a pedophile_ when several hundred pictures of little boys naked
and engaging in sex were found on his computer at BSA headquarters;
my, oh my ... well Lisa said, "This society is really fuc--d." Yeah, I
have to wonder.

Now for today's Terri Shiavo report, here is Monty Solomon. PAT]

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