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Re: Fax Station ID

T. Sean Weintz (
Fri, 01 Apr 2005 16:51:38 -0500

Robert Bonomi wrote:

> Sorry, John, but you are *wrong*.

> You, "the person" sending the fax are *still* required to place the
> identification information at the top/bottom of every page, or on the
> first page.

> You are correct that _equipment_ manufactured before 20 Dec 1992 does
> not have to do this 'automatically', HOWEVER, just because you are
> using such equipment you are _not_ exempt from the requirement of 47
> USC 227 (d) (1).

So when FAX.COM sends me junk faxes and they put MY OWN PHONE NUMBER
in as the header on the fax, and also send MY OWN NUMBER as the CLID
info (from what is likely a PRI they are using to war dial fax
numbers), they are at least DOUBLY breaking the law, huh?

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