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John Levine (
1 Apr 2005 02:50:26 -0000

> I have a couple of inactive cell phones (Motorola 120e and Samsung
> GS-x426) that are lying around because I have taken phone
> upgrades. ... The Motorola was originally used in the Verizon
> Wireless network, and the Samsung was used in the AT&T Wireless
> network, but I have a feeling other providers could work with these
> phones.

It's good you asked, because your feeling is wrong.

The Moto 120e is a dual-band CDMA phone, and is doubtless locked to
work only on Verizon. The Samsung is a GSM phone that is locked to
ATTWS. To work on any other network, they'd need to be unlocked. If
you still have service with the carriers, you could try calling them
or going to one of their stores and ask nicely if they'll unlock them,
but don't be surprised if they say no.

If you could unlock them, a big if, the CDMA phone would work with
other CDMA 800/1900 carriers, many of of the second tier telco-related
ones like Alltel. The GSM phone would work on other GSM networks,
which in the US basically means Cingular (the part that didn't used to
be ATTWS) and T-Mobile.

I'd suggest selling them as locked phones and making it clear that
they're for Verizon and ATTWS.



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