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Re: Horrible Voice Quality on Skypeout

Koos van den Hout (
30 Mar 2005 07:31:11 GMT

John Levine <> wrote:

> My new USB handset showed up so I tried a couple of Skypeout calls to
> regular phone numbers. Ewww. It sounded really awful.

> Is this the USB handset, Skypeout, or am I just unlucky?

Have you tried calling the 'echo test' number (search for 'echo test'
in Skype)? This eliminates the 'skypeout' and 'other phone networks' part
of the callpath.

And the USB handset is supposed to be a normal audio device to what
you are using on the computer (my guess). Have you tried recording a
bit of audio from the handset and playing it back?

I have just started playing with Skype and I noticed I need to find a
good microphone. Which may explain the sudden interest in microphones
at work ;)


Koos van den Hout

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