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Re: Dangling Broadband From the Phone Stick
23 Mar 2005 06:52:05 -0800

Jack Decker wrote:

> For many consumers, the main alternative to broadband from the phone
> company is the local cable company. But cable broadband prices tend to
> be higher -- as much as $60 a month for access, compared typically with
> $40 or less for phone company broadband. And the cable companies
> prefer to sell the service as a package with television that can
> easily exceed $100 a month.

> ... It seems to me that the phone companies are just like that gas station
> owner when they refuse to sell unbundled DSL. ...
> ... But since the phone companies are monopolies, you don't have the
> option of walking six blocks down the road to the next nearest
> DSL provider.

It seems to me you contradicted your own post and have a double

Your clipping stated that cable companies offer broadband as an
alternative. So consumers DO have an alternative and don't have
to walk six blocks in bad weather to get it.

You also want the phone companies to be forced to drop their
bundling requirement. But your clipping says cable companies
do the same thing and charge even more. Why should the cable
companies be allowed to bundle and charge more when you want
the phone company controlled?

It seems from your article that the phone company, bundled or not, is
giving the consumer a better deal.

Remember, the phone company doesn't have to offer broadband at all
and you could get it only from the cable company and pay their

BTW, a lot of consumer goods are "bundled" whether you like it or
not. Sometimes it's for marketing convenience as a la carte
pricing and selling would be too cumbersome. But other times it's
to add profit to the mfr.

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