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Re: Tracking Down a Harassing Caller Number?
22 Mar 2005 11:21:23 -0800

AES wrote:

> Are there any official procedures or unofficial ways of tracking
> down the source of repeated harassing calls coming from a set of
> apparently related numbers in a distant area code?

Call your telephone company business office.

You didn't describe the call content -- if there is no one there,
it may be from a fax machine. Your business might help with that.

There is a call trace feature available in some areas that can trace
most calls, even blocked. There is usually a fee. The number is
given to the phone company's investigative unit. Check your telephone
directory if Call Trace (*70) is available and its terms and

I don't know why they don't publicize Call Trace, though it is
in the phone book.

{TELECOM Digest Editor's Note: I think *57 is call trace and *70
is 'suspend call waiting for the remainder of this call'. *57 is
not publicized, maybe because of the huge fees they charge for what
they used to do for free (investigate people causing trouble for
others on the phone.) Telco does not like to admit that subscribers
are entitled to the peaceful, unmolested use of their phones. As
often as not, using *57 gets you a ten or fifteen dollar charge on
your phone bill and a letter in the mail a couple days later saying
they cannot do anything to help you. PAT]

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