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Re: What Happened To Channel 1

Alan Burkitt-Gray (ABurkitt@EUROMONEYPLC.COM)
Mon, 21 Mar 2005 20:39:58 -0000

Paul Coxwell wrote:

> In Britain, the original FM broadcast band ran only from 88 to
> 100MHz. The band above 100MHz was used for two-way radio, a fact
> soon discovered by even the casual listener when imported radios
> covering right up to 108MHz started to appear in the country.

Even better, it was used by the police. I remember around 1969
listening to a car chase through the territory of various police
forces in northern England, where I then lived -- picking up
transmissions from different forces on different channels. The police
had to move off -- I think it was done in two stages -- before
broadcasters could take over the band. Earlier on, many FM radios
designed by UK manufacturers such as Roberts wouldn't go higher than
100 MHz.

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