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Garrett Wollman (
Mon, 21 Mar 2005 04:31:38 UTC

In article <>, Robert Bonomi
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> Originally, 199 channels, 100kc spacing, numbered 1-199, corresponding
> to frequencies from 88.1 through 107.9 megacycles. Since then, even
> the name of the unit-of-measurement has changed. :) and a few
> additional channels have managed to sneak in. I believe 200 is 108.0,
> 201 is 88.0, and I'm not sure how they numbered the space below 88.0.

Channel 200 is 87.9; 201 is 88.1, and so on up to 300 which is 107.9.

There are two stations in the entire U.S. on channel 200: KSFH, a
high-school station in Mountain View, Calif., and K200AA, a Calvary
satellator in Sun Valley, Nev. In addition, Federal Signal Corp. has
an experimental license for WA2XNX in Brazos, Tex., but I have no idea
if this station is operating.

Channel 200 is reserved for non-commercial, class-D stations which
have been "bumped" by a primary station from their previous channel,
and for which no other FM channel would be technically permissible. I
suspect this rule was made specifically for KSFH, which was for many
years the only station on the channel; K200AA was just recently built.


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