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Re: Attacked by a Dog Which was Playing

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Thu, 17 Mar 2005 05:56:22 GMT (Patrick Townson) posted on that vast
internet thingie:

> Buffy was all excited and in trying to get out the door with me in
> it she knocked me down. I fell, banged up my own face pretty well,
> and chipped a tooth which was about gone anyway. Remember, she _is_
> a very big dog, weighing close to a hundred pounds

Well, I have read and found that it is a good idea to train a dog to
"stay" until you have gone out (or in) and then tell them to come.
You are the leader of the pack.

A puppy is a puppy and your puppy did not intend to harm you and
apparently was trying to please/obey you.

I am sorry to hear of your hurt and wish you a speedy recovery. It
sounds like you have a loyal canine friend for many years.

You may wish to solicit a favor or two from any local dog trainer
(those people AMAZE me though I have had dogs for many years).


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[TELECOM Digest Editor's Note: And thanks for your encouraging words
also. I am going to speak to Dr. Epp (veternarian) or the lady who
grooms pets (Buffy was taken to get a bath a couple days after she
first got here) and see if either of them can recommend a good dog
trainer. Maybe the animal shelter will know of someone. PAT]

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