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Dean (
16 Mar 2005 09:36:39 -0800

> [TELECOM Digest Editor's Note: On my personal cell phone, which is on
> Cingular Wireless, my latest contract is about to run out, and when
> I was downtown Friday, I went in the Cingular Wireless store and
> talked to the lady about getting a new phone in exchange for renewing
> my contract. There were several hangups, IMO: the newer phones are
> a bit smaller and (a) they would not work with my existing Cell Socket
> device; I use a Nokia 5165, which is an older phone, but it works
> quite well (and, it also works quite well when tied into my PBXtra
> through the Cell Socket) ... (b) the picture quality on the newer
> phones, while it has gotten better, _still_ has a way to go before the
> picture quality is as good as an inexpensive digital PC camera, and
> (c) the lady told me unlike Cingular Wireless text messages, to send
> a picture costs more money, around 40 cents per transmission. If there
> was a way to avoid that transmission charge (for example by somehow
> transferring the picture directly to my computer, then using my own
> email to move the picture around, I might be inclined to get a new
> phone and try it. PAT]


Getting pics from the cell phone to the PC generally depends on the
device. If you don't take too many pics, I've found the cheapest way to
be to use a cell phone with an infrared port. Then all you need to do
is send the images to the laptop via its infrared port. Costs nothing,
but can only be done one image at a time. There are fancier ways
(bluetooth, special cables and special software etc) but this is the
cheapest I've found.



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