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Re: Former WorldCom CEO Guilty on All Counts

Thomas A. Horsley (
Wed, 16 Mar 2005 02:13:21 GMT

I think what the jurors "got" wasn't necessarily a complete grasp of a
complex case, but simple recognition that Ebbers should have known
what was going on even if he really didn't, and that he should go to
jail for either fraud or incompetence, so they might as well convict
him :-).

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[TELECOM Digest Editor's Note: I am reminded of a new book written by
Fred Goldstein entitled 'The Great Telecom Meltdown' which does cover
a lot of the history of telecom since 1879 to the present, but with
much emphasis on the post-divestiture era, and specifically the time
frame from 1996-2003. It is a very technical book; you cannot just
flip the pages to read it. I'll do a more detailed review of it here
in a few days, but not only WorldCom/MCI but Qwest as well are
discussed. And the story of Bernard Ebbers is _not_ the end of the
tale. It appears the folks in Denver are in for some hard times with
the law in the near future. Fred also gets into a discussion of the
'' bubble bursting and the myth of 'the internet is doubling in
size every hundred days' which was considered to be gospel in the
late 1990's. PAT]

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